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Lansdale Borough Customers: Billing Changes

Beginning October 20, 2017, Lansdale Borough customers who receive NPWA water will receive a single bill that includes water and sewer charges. NPWA will issue a single invoice to customers listing the charge for sewer and water along with the total amount due. Customers will make payments to NPWA who will then remit the sewer portion to the Borough.

If you are the landlord of a property in Lansdale Borough, please contact North Penn Water Authority to ensure the combined sewer and water bill is being mailed to the correct address for payment.

In addition to streamlining the billing process, working in conjunction with Lansdale Borough allows for a single point of contact for questions on billing or usage since your sewer bill is based off of water consumption. Lansdale Borough will continue to operate and maintain the sewer system, so customers with sewer emergencies should contact Lansdale's Waste Water Treatment Plant at 215-361-8362 for assistance. For after-hours sewer emergencies, please call Lansdale Police Department at 215-368-1801.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   I am signed up for paperless billing and receive my water bill electronically. Is there anything  additional that I need to do now that my sewer and water bills are combined?

 A.   If you are currently signed up for paperless billing with NPWA, there is no need to make any changes.

If you do not have paperless billing with NPWA and would like to sign up to receive your bills electronically or wish to set up an online account, please go to our website We have multiple paperless billing options which can be viewed here.

Creating an online account offers our customers the ability to not only sign up for paperless billing but gives them the ability to:

  • View current bill
  • Pay online through a number of methods
  • View billing payment and billing history

If you had auto-withdrawal for your sewer bill with Lansdale Borough but do not have auto-withdrawal for your water bill with NPWA and would like your water and sewer bill to be automatically withdrawn, you will need to set that up through NPWA. Visit our Billing Information Page to learn more.

Can I pay my water bill today and my sewer bill next month?

A.   Both portions of the bill must be paid by the due date or a 10 percent penalty will be charged for the unpaid balance as appears on the billing statement. If paying your bill on time is an issue, please contact NPWA Customer Service to discuss.

Who do I call if I have a sewer issue?

A.   Please call Lansdale's Waste Water Treatment Plant for sewer related issues at 215-361-8362. Lansdale Borough is still maintaining the sewer system, so they can help you with a sewer problem. For after-hours sewer emergencies, please call Lansdale Police Department at 215-368-1801.

North Penn Water Authority can help you with billing and usage questions at 215-855-3617.

Will my water bill go up?

A.   No, your water bill will not go up due to NPWA taking over sewer billing, but the combined water and sewer bill will reflect a higher total due to both charges being combined onto one bill. 

What will my bill look like?

A.   You can view a sample bill here. Your bill will look like your typical NPWA water bill but it will now include line items that reflect your sewer usage. 





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