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Water Main Extension Approval Process for Developers

Stage 1 – Preliminary Review
• The Developer shall provide the Authority with a set of preliminary review plans for project review.
• The Authority shall provide a “will serve” letter as required for regulatory approvals.
• Time Duration: 2 weeks

Stage 2 – Initiate Development Approval Process
• The Developer shall complete the Capacity Allocation Form and submit a non-refundable Project Review Fee of $1,500 to begin the process.
• The Authority Engineering Department shall design and engineer the water system improvements to meet Authority standards for water service and fire protection. When finalized the Plan shall be submitted to the Developer for cost estimating purposes.
• Time Duration: 4 weeks as a minimum

Stage 3 – Plan Review Meeting (if needed)
• Complex projects with substantial improvements and/or unusual conditions may require a Plan Review Meeting with the Developer to complete the engineering analysis.
• Time Duration: 1 week

Stage 4 – Tentative Approval
• Once the project layout has been designed and finalized, the water system design plan will be finalized. The Authority shall place the project on the NPWA Board Agenda for tentative approval status to approve the basic project layout and to formally reserve water capacity. Board Meetings are held monthly on the fourth Tuesday of every month.
• Time Duration: 4 weeks maximum

Stage 5 – Fire Marshall Approval
• The Authority will submit a completed plan design to the Fire Marshall for review and approval of hydrant spacing and location.
• Time Duration: 2-4 weeks from date of submission to the Fire Marshall

Stage 6 – Project Cost Estimation
• The Developer shall provide a detailed Construction Cost Estimate based on the Authority and Fire Marshall-approved water system design plan.
• The Authority shall review the cost estimate as submitted and approve as appropriate or return for revisions.
• Time Duration: At least 1 week for Authority review from date of receipt from Developer, further revisions to the estimate may require additional time for review and approval.

Stage 7 – Agreement Preparation
• The Authority shall use the approved construction cost estimate and calculate the appropriate fees and deposit monies needed for the Developer Main Extension Agreement and draft an Agreement for Developer Execution.
• Time Duration: The Developer shall receive an Agreement 2 weeks from Solicitor’s receipt of approved construction cost estimate.

Stage 8 – Final Approval
• The Developer submits a fully executed Main Extension Agreement, Financial Security Agreements and proof of insurance with a check for all fees and deposit monies no later than 11 calendar days prior to the Monthly NPWA Board Meeting usually held on the Fourth Tuesday of every month.
• The Authority Board grants Final Approval and executes the Main Extension Agreement.

Stage 9 – Construction
• The Developer schedules a Pre-Construction Meeting with the Authority’s representatives no later than 1 week prior to the start of construction.

Stage 10 – Project Closeout
• The Developer shall comply with all Terms and Conditions of the Main Extension Agreement prior to the release of any remaining deposit monies.




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