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Important Seasonal Reminders

January 9, 2018

Frozen water in pipes can cause water pressure to build up between the ice blockage and the closed faucet which can cause pipes to burst. To avoid freezing pipes and potentially costly repair bills, we suggest that you consider the following winterizing tips:

  1. Wrap and insulate pipes in unheated areas such as basements, closets, attics, or crawl spaces;
  2. Caulk windows and replace or cover cracked or broken windows that are near water meters or pipes as well as where the pipe goes through walls;
  3. Remove all hoses from outside faucets and shut them off from the inside;
  4. Locate and tag your master valve just in case pipes freeze and rupture; and
  5. Protect water pipes that are in minimally heated areas. It is very important to remember to keep heat in unoccupied homes to prevent freezing of the interior plumbing fixtures.

During the cold winter months, should you experience “no water” in your home, check all faucets before calling the Authority’s office. The problem could be related to a frozen pipe in your home’s internal plumbing, especially if water is still flowing in some other areas of your home.

For more information on preventing and thawing frozen pipes and dealing with other Winter emergencies, check out the Red Cross website at

Hydrants: Some hydrants throughout the NPWA distribution system are equipped with markers to assist the fire department in finding them if they become covered in snow or grown over with weeds or shrubs. Please don’t tamper with the hydrant markers. Call our office if you notice a marker has been removed or vandalized. After a snow storm, please clear (or have someone clear for you) the snow and ice from around the fire hydrants located in front of your properties. This allows the fire department and the Authority’s crews quick access to the hydrant in case of a fire, or for a necessary repair.
Fire Lines: Any customers who wish to test the operation of their fire sprinkler system and fire service line should call the Authority office ahead of time to notify us of their plans. This will allow the Authority to enact any necessary operational contingencies to ensure high quality, continuous water service to all customers.





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