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North Penn Water Authority Water is Safe to Drink

October 24, 2019

NPWA water meets or exceeds all stringent federal and state drinking water standards

October 24, 2019—Lansdale, PA-- North Penn Water Authority stands behind the water it provides to its nearly 35,000 customers every day in Lansdale and throughout its service area. North Penn Water Authority (NPWA) water is safe to drink. NPWA water meets or exceeds all state and federal drinking water standards, which are the strictest standards in the country and more stringent than the safety standards set for bottled water. NPWA gets 90% of its water from Forest Park Water Treatment Plant, a state-of-the-art treatment facility that uses the most advanced water treatment technology available, called membrane filtration.

A recent report released by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), an activist organization, compiles public data that is submitted to the EPA by water systems across the United States. The report claims that federal and state drinking water regulations are not safe based on the group’s opinion, and not scientific based facts and studies.

“North Penn Water Authority water is 100% safe to drink,” said Tony Bellitto, executive director of North Penn Water Authority. “Guidelines set by EPA and PA DEP are scientifically proven to be safe. EWG’s recommended health guidelines are not scientifically proven and are not backed by regulatory agencies. EWG at one time sold water filters on their website, making it in their own self-interest to use these headlines to grab the public’s attention. The bottom line is that NPWA stands behind the product that we provide to our customers and we welcome any customers who have questions or concerns to call us.”

Customers who have further questions about their drinking water can call North Penn Water Authority at 215-855-3617 to obtain a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), otherwise known as a Drinking Water Quality Report. NPWA releases the Drinking Water Quality Report each year to customers. The report can also be found on the website at

NPWA is composed of a dedicated, professional workforce that is committed to providing customers with a safe, reliable and economical water supply. Because of this commitment, the Authority continually invests into the infrastructure and technology needed to meet this critical mission.


Established in 1965, North Penn Water Authority (NPWA) is a municipally owned, nonprofit Authority with a dedicated, professional workforce committed to providing the community with a safe, reliable, and economical water supply.  Water supplied to their customers comes from both a surface water supply that is treated at the state of the art Forest Park Water Treatment Plant (FPWTP) and from 15 groundwater wells located throughout the service area. To provide the highest quality water, the Authority has in place a main replacement program and performs annual flushing of its 580 miles of water main which serves nearly 35,000 customers.  NPWA also owns and maintains all fire hydrants in the service area to ensure hydrants are in working order in case of fire emergencies. NPWA employees, many of whom are NPWA customers themselves, take pride in being able to provide this service to the community. For more information, please visit or call 215-855-3617.





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