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Forest Park Water Treatment Plant

Forest Park Water (FPW) Treatment Plant is an advanced drinking water treatment facility that treats water taken from the North Branch Neshaminy Creek and supplies approximately 85% of the water delivered to Authority customers. Depicted below is the treatment process the water undergoes before entering the Authority’s distribution system.

fpw Forest Park Water Treatment Plan

fpw Water Treatment Diagram

fpw 1 raw water intakes  

Raw Water Intakes

Raw water is pumped when needed from the Delaware River through the Point Pleasant Pump Station, and is discharged into the North Branch of the Neshaminy Creek (NBNC). The intake system, comprised of an inflatable rubber dam, a bar rack intake, and traveling screens, conveys debris-free water to the Raw Water Sump Pumps. The pumps then transfer the water to the treatment plant and maintain flows through all stages prior to filtration.


Pre-treatment is used to describe treatment that occurs prior to filtration, including Pre-Ozone, Coagulation, Flocculation and Sedimentation Basins. Water exiting the Sedimentation Basin 
is called clarified water.

  fpw 2 pretreatment
fpw 3 membrane filtration  

Membrane Filtration

The clarified water flows to an advanced microfiltration stage where microscopic particulates are filtered out by submerged membranes. Membranes provide a more effective barrier against the passage of potentially harmful substances. The membranes, consisting of about 45 million hollow-tube fibers, trap particulates before water flows to the next stage.


Ozone is dosed to the filtered water to achieve powerful disinfection. Residual ozone is then quenched by a reducing agent.

  fpw 4 ozonation
fpw 5 granular activated carbon  

Granular Activated Carbon

The ozonated water gets pumped to Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) contactors where a variety of organic and chemical compounds are removed. The water is dosed with chlorine to ensure a residual concentration remains throughout the entire distribution system.

Finished Water

Finished water is collected in the 2-million gallon Clearwell reservoir. Massive pumps deliver water to the Authority’s distribution system where a network of pipes, pump stations, and storage tanks deliver high quality water to the customers, while also providing fire protection for the surrounding communities. Dual transmission mains and a generator at the treatment plant, along with generators at the well houses and booster stations, provide further assurance to customers of a constant water supply.

  fpw 6 finished water





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